Community Amenities

The Club at Glencoe will have many new amenities for our local community.

Cross Country Skiing & Sledding

The Club at Glencoe will be a beautiful site for cross-country skiers to enjoy the winter beauty of the golf course. The perimeter of the golf course will be available for ungroomed fun that winds along undulating terrain. Children will enjoy sledding down the hill on the driving range. This spot has been a neighborhood favorite for years and will continue to offer a fun winter activity. After playing in the snow warm up in the spectacular new clubhouse with hot cocoa, a cup of soup or enjoy an excellent meal overlooking the snowscape.

Event Lawn

The Club’s Event Lawn was designed to provide an alternate fun area of play to enhance the user experience. The Lawn, adjacent to the terrace, will provide the perfect spot to play fun, or competitive, games such as ‘Bags’ or Jenga. This area will also offer a safe open space for kids to enjoy lawn games or creative play.   

A Bicycle Repair and Rest Station

The Glencoe Golf Club is located right off the Green Bay Trail. With frequent bikers passing our location, we are creating a new bicycle repair station. This repair station will offer a convenient location to make any necessary adjustments to your bicycle, as well as a great opportunity to stop for a refreshment on the trail.

•	A Bicycle Repair and Rest Station
Other Amenities

Outreach and Education

The Club will host special events throughout the season to showcase the property and educate the public on environmental goals, objectives and projects. One program in particular will be Audubon International’s BioBlitz. The BioBlitz is a species-counting competition designed to showcase the environmental value of natural habitats found on golf courses. Youth groups, community members, and local environmental experts will gather to enjoy nature while counting plant and animal species located on the property. Additional programs may include kid’s scavenger hunts, sustainable community discussions and plant identification walks.

Community Garden

The Club will integrate a community garden into the property that will offer an opportunity for neighbors who wish to join together to plant and manage a plot of vegetables or flowers. This space will be available to all and will provide educational elements as part of the golf course’s Audubon Sanctuary status.

Community Garden
Improving the Golf Course

Other Amenities


  • Little Library
  • Bird watching
  • Summer kid’s camps
  • Stargazing